We will accept 5 and only 5 new members for 2017.

The process is simple.  Donate 75 Euro, send us an email with confirmation and your details and we will allocate you an account.   Yes, you get access to all release groups content from Dedi servers.     You get 6 months full access, You get this offer once.    Invites to the many private trackers on our prefered list are for CM*8 members only , you can request one for each of the 14 on our list, Any swapping, selling, sharing will result in all accounts at all trackers being shut down.

​​Make a donation to CM8 by donate using SKRILL.COM pay email dedicatedonline@gmail.com or by purchasing PAYSAFE Vouchers from app store or your local Petrol Station and forwarding on to us...  



As we did last year and every year prior we will open our closed doors for a few days.

Normally 800 Euro for 12 Months Access.